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Cash Focus

How do you use the features of Cash Focus in your business?

You supply the
  • start-up balance sheet
  • and an estimate of sales, cost of sales and expenses
  • fixed asset schedules
  • investments
  • overdraft arrangements, hire purchase payments, long term loans
  • tax rates, tax payments
  • etc
Cash Focus uses your information to predict the expected;
  • Cash Flow
  • Net Income
  • Bank balance
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • Inventory levels
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Financial Ratios

at the end of each period.

Results are shown in detail for each period which can be daily, weekly, monthly,quarterly,yearly etc. Forecast up to 25 years ahead!

All figures are verifiable. In the Balance Sheet, Income Statement or Cash Flow Statement, pressing a function key on any figure will show the general ledger for that account for the applicable month. This is accomplished by using conventional double entry bookkeeping standards during the simulation.

The General Ledger is written up in detail with clear narrations so that the results can be audited. This is important when you are making business decisions based on the projections.

The data entry steps are driven by Cash Focus so no expert program knowledge is needed to produce a forecast.

Accounting in advance. Your company is writing up a general ledger to tell you what happened in the past. Cash Focus goes the next step and writes it up in advance. It takes each budgeted event and writes up a Journal and General Ledger as though the event actually occurs using conventional double entry accounting standards. All the accounting tools used to analyze a company's performance on an historical basis are available to analyze the forecast financial statements in advance.

  • Import actuals
  • Report variances to original and revised budgets.
  • Interest or dividends
Audit trail includes:
  • General ledger report
  • Assumptions report
  • Create general journals
Bad debts calculatedLeases
Balance sheet report formats:
  • Standard format
  • Financial analysis format
Length of forecast unlimited
Bank accounts
  • Interest calculated automatically
  • Set overdraft limits
  • Multiple bank accounts
Long term debt repayment calculator included
Calculator built in.Other income
Cash flow report formats:
  • Standard format
  • Financial analysis format
  • Summary or detailed
  • Report separately for each bank account.
Password entry to program
Charts of accounts
  • Standard chart included
  • Customize and save additional charts.
  • Change duration, dates
  • Use monthly, weekly, daily or annual.
Consolidation facility.Profit & loss account formats:
  • Standard format
  • Financial analysis format.
  • Exchange rate tables
  • Reporting currency can be specified.
  • To printer, screen or file
EBIT calculatedPerformance measurements:
  • Financial structure
  • Profitability
  • Solvency
  • User defined
Export resultsRatios
Graph any account or performance measurementReports
  • Customized cover page, headers & footers
Groups of accounts flexibleRevised budget capability keeps budgets up-to-date
Help - context sensitiveSales tax, GST or VAT calculated - country dependent
Hire purchase and lease repayment calculator included.Tax expense calculated
Income statement formats:
  • Standard format
  • Financial analysis format.
Timing and special timing for
  • cash flow consequences or general ledger entries.
Inventory methods
  • Specify inventory target
  • Specify purchases target
  • Calculated based on budgeted sales.
  • Apply % change to sales, COS and expenses.

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